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Templates for images

Because of time and the changeover to Dakar, we didn’t have time to do as much as we want to the layout and formatting of the website. Some of the things that we wanted to do was to be able to like and comment on images, when on hover over have the image enlarger, and have them post in a table layout. All these jobs were things we were going to do last but this time was taken to just try and sort it out to the basics so it works which is a very unfortunate thing, as I think I would have been very proud of our website if we had just a little more time.



Group Project: Design for bio

As I thought we changed our idea for the bio and this is the final design. I changed the code so that there was no background colour and to have a new layout on the images and information. To keep everything in line we used a table, this made it easier as it would stop thing overlapping and moving around if I edited something in one cell of the table. We have not yet got a group photo so we have used a photo of a pug for now.

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