Coding: Introduction

During my course in Digital Media Design i will be learning skill in Programming and Coding. Programming is a set of instructions which is a high level language that are then interpreted to machine code. To start to get to learn coding and figure out some of the basic statements and keywords, we were taught how to create a simple set of coding which made a circle follow your mouse. I also used code that when you click the mouse the screen would be reset, and depending on what side of the screen you clicked, the background would also change.

Starting Coding


Coding: Vocabulary

IDE- Integrated Development Environment (Programming we are programming in)

Variable- A name we can reference

Parentheses- Brackets

Function & Methods- A set of instructions to start another instruction, methods are similar but belong to a class

Class- Stores blueprints for our programming instruction

Instant- Creating a thing

Data Type- e.g Boolean, string, integer

Loop- Repeated instructions

Complier- When code is wrote, compiler changes it for the computer to understand when you click enter

Conditional Statement- To do something if its true and something else if false

OOP- Object Orientated Programming

Camel Case- The idea of how we name all the objects e.g myVar – My First Function

Photo Challenge

Group Bonding Cover

To break the ice and get to know my group, the uni set up an activity to go around Bournemouth taking photos as a group. During our time together we started to get to know one another and i found that they where all a very nice bunch, which is good. Saying that we got a bit lost and confused a couple of time, we seemed to of done quit well, and got a couple of photos even if we had to walk about half an hour to one. Overall I enjoyed the day and here are the photos that we captured as a group.

.Poole HouseTalbortRailwayAir BallonDurley Inn

Abigail Grant, BU Digital Media Design