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PhotoShop: Animation

Using sprite sheets that i found of the internet, i created a animation of a rabbit jumping across the screen. This was done by using the timeline tool that Photoshop offers. After dividing the image of the rabbit, at each stage, on to different layers i was able to use this feature. Create a ‘new frame animation’ after highlighting all the layers which i divided by layers. This made each layer a different stage of the animation. Once the layer were all on different layers i was able to make it look like my animation was moving, by shifting each layer to the right. Its most likely that you animation will look like it’s going backward, so reversing the animation will make it look like its hopping.




Photoshop: Alignment

To start getting use to photoshop, we have been shown some useful advice and tips on some skills that will be useful when using photoshop. One of the first things that we have learnt is a number of shortcuts which will help greatly when creating and editing images. Layering and masks were other skills that were learnt in the workshop. This workshop we were being taught how to use the adjustments tools to chance the whole look and atmosphere of the image. Underneath was the final skill gained in the workshop, which involved using the alignment tools to organise the images in a straight, evenly placed line, across or up.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.26.22 Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.27.02