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Entity Relationship Models

Relationship Diagram

ERD or Entity Relationship Models are used to show the relationship between entities with a database. This is a basic version of some that can be created for databases, but mine is just to demonstrate a ERD for a online recipe book. There only need to be 4 categories , member, recipe, photo and comment, but you can extend a lot from these to make it more developed.

Within each categories there a PK’s (Primary Key) and FK’s (Foreign Keys). In each one of the categories there needs to be a primary key so that you can link it within another category as a foreign key. That is why you will normally do the ID of each section as the primary key, because a ID number is never repeated where as a name can be.

The arrows between each section show the relationship between each category, if the end has 3 lines coming off it means many, but the single line means one, so its one to many. For example for every recipe there will be one order but that owner may have many recipes


Design for Digital Media Environment: Homework

After the lecture we were asked to do one of these things, a photo/video/diagram to Wikimedia, add some detail to openstreet map, a recipe to wikibooks or a reading list to zotero? I’ve decided to do two out of the list, as after adding an image to Wikimdia i was interested in looking at openstreet maps.


This website allows you to upload any photo that you have taken and allows you to publish them online. With these images you can decided how you want people to use this photo, wither to have the image for editing, using on there own site and for there own profit. This is a good site for people who are starting there own business, and many of these images are completely free and have no copyright on them.

I carried on, and had a go at Openstreet Maps, and added some new shops to the area around where i live.


Many places on sites like Google Maps, haven’t been updated recently, so some new shops aren’t on the maps. This is were this site comes in. This is a main advantage of this site but there are many down sides. For instance you cant 100% believe all the posts of the map, because anyone can post on the site.