Changing to Dakar

Once we finished the whole code and ever worked perfectly, we checked to see if we could host our website on our own server, Olly’s server, which we ten found out we couldn’t do. This was massive problem for us as we found this out today, the day before hand in, and nothing seems to work on it. This means that the database doesn’t work, image upload doesn’t work and the format of the page is completely wrong. We had many struggles with this and this problem took nearly 12 hours to fix but thankfully we got it to work on the Dakar server. This did means though we had to create a whole new database on MySQL and that the website layout has some problems, like the fact the logo won’t show up, and the video is no longer In a perfect loop, all things that worked on Olly’s. Though it’s not perfect I think we didn’t a good job changing over the servers and it to still be working.

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