Research into other websites

To get some idea on layout and the good and point of image uploading website, I did some research into similar existing websites. One of the first website/app I looked into was Instagram. I thought that the way that you can only use Instagram once logged in would be a feature that we should defiantly take into our website. The layout and presentation of the website, was also a factor that I would like to put forwards when we start to finalise our website. This layout of Instagram make sure that all images are the same size and shape and allow to be viewed far away with all other images and a an bigger individual image. From this I’m thinking that maybe a similar thing should take place on our site, but not in the same way, as it will start to become to like Instagram.


Another famous image uploading site is Tumblr, though this is also a website that allows you also to upload any image, it’s just as popular as Instagram. This was a worry for me that Instagram would be to popular that there isn’t much point making another image uploading site, but seeing that this one works just as well and isn’t refined to a theme, were as ours is art work, makes me feel much more positive about our website working . I also noticed that for both of them there was some sort of liking ability and this is another feature that hopefully we will be able to add into our website.tu

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