Group Project : Website Name

To create more of an idea of how the website will look and our end project and website, we all decided to come up with a name for our website before we started. After looking through website and random word generations for idea, we settled on the idea of having a name that links to art. Using for work and terminology used in art I started to search through. We started to look for work that could be added to the word ‘art’. We thought this would be a good idea as from the title it makes it clear what our website is about. We carried on searching and I saw the word, ‘Easel’. The word for our title just seems to fit really well, and we all thought it was a good title. The more we thought about the title he more we released how much it fitted with the theme for our website. As most our work in real life are displayed on easels, it makes sense to have art work that can be posted and displayed online to be on a website called ‘Easel’.

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