Poster Project: Final Idea

For this poster i created two final idea, but one i found worked much better then the other. The idea that i didn’t think worked as well was this one.


This is because of t he fact that the information that i wanted to write on each section would have been to small, and would have been impossible to read. Though i found out this wouldn’t work near the end of the poster, i still think that the idea behind it should still be noted as i think if it was an interactive one, it would have worked.


This is my actual final poster. This one i think works much more as though its busy it’s actually readable and can see what the information is telling you. Though these two have similar background and meteors the layout changes the whole thing. I think my favourite part to the poster is the way i did the background. This may have been because if found a good tutorial on how to do background but i do think i did a good job and added some of my own aspects to it. I also like the way the flames were created, and they were so easy to do. If i could do it again or had more time, i would have changed the way the meteor looks. Though they don’t look to bad in this poster one the other one you can tell that it’s not shaded very well, but even though im not using this poster, you can sort of tell on the final poster. I would have liked to try to made it look more 3D and the craters to look more realistic. Overall I’m happy with my poster.

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