Poster Poject: Creating the Final Ideas

Using illustrator I was able to create my final idea. To create my final idea i started with the background. Creating the fields first using a line drawing tools and a gradient colour I was able to create some shadow on the hills. I did this twice to create to sets of fields. I then added a shape that went over the top of the fields, and used a lighter blue colour to fill it. This would create a glow effect on the top of the hill when i added the Gaussian blur to it. This effect was also applied to both hills. I then masked them onto the hill so the blue highlighted blur would only appear on the top of the hills


Filling in the background with a black and then selecting the mesh tool, i was able to add different shades of blue into the night sky. Using a variety of shades allowed me to create a more tonal and eye-catching night sky.


Creating the stars was the next part. i Used the star tool to create the basis of my star. and brought all the inner corners in so the star points were thinner. I then used the crystallize tool to make the star even thinner and each point to be different length. The stars are now more realistic and not to cartoon like, which was my intention. I made all the stars white and duplicated and twisted them all around the sky. I then used a white dotting pen to add some smaller stars.


The next step was creating the meteors. I used a circle shaped tool to get a basic shape and coloured it with a grey. I then added selection points all around the circle so i could pull and puck the circle to make it look more rough on the edges. Once i found the shape I wanted i then used the mesh tool like i did on the background to add different shades to the meteor. Using the circle tool again, i added craters to the meteors by shading the circle with a gradient radial fill to get darker in the middle with a lighter rim where it’s at its highest.


The final thing for the poster was the flame that is coming of the meteor. I used a line tool to create a cone type shape that i filled with a gradient that had a fire look to it. Using the crystallize, wrinkle and wrap tool i was able to make the shape look more like a flame and for it to have more harsh line.

last part

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