Poster Project: Research On Illustration

Bill Greenhead

Using other illustrators work to help me find inspiration on how i could create my poster with a type of theme and work type i found these illustrators who i liked their style of work. With Bill Greenhead’s work i likes the idea of the 3D shading that sort of had part to it, and wasn’t just a smooth transition. I also like the use of the different shades in the background, which is similar to the shading on the sea creators. The hatch work on the shark is also an intriguing idea, but i feel it will be hard to do this result on illustrator, though possible.


Jason Hawkins

Jason’s illustrator are much more wacky than Bill Greenhead’s but have a similar working style with the shading behind divided but not as noticeably as Bill’s. The main reason for me choosing Jason’s work as inspiration was the fact that it had a link to space and how his night sky is done. This is a different way of doing it with the smoke instead of just a normal sky. I will see if this technique works in my poster when i start it.


Cliff Mills

This work is much different to the other two but it is intriguing how its done. Though i probably wont do my work in this way i may use the ideas of how he has everything bordered and used a more speckled type of brush in some of the work. I’m also impressed with the colour limits in his work and how he only sticks to a couple of colours.


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