Development and Realisation: Introduction

In today’s lecture I was given my new assessment brief for the topic of Developing and Realisation. From this lecture I have been given the information of what we are expected to do in the next 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks we will be expected to have created an A2 poster on the question or topic that we have chosen and to compile a blog shows the development and outcomes of some of the work we do within this subject

Task 1 Design Analyse
Our first tasks is to ‘compile a weblog of supporting work throughout the module reflecting initially on your understanding of communication/information design and then as a means towards researching and planning your work as a response to the Communication Design A2 Poster brief (assignment 2)’. This mean of showing my work I thought was a more interesting and useful way of showing work then just having all my work within a sketch book and essays. I’m also use to this way of working as the previous topic, concept and ideation. I will use my blog to post brainstorms, inspiration, notes, research, flowcharts and doodles.

Task 2 Communication Design
‘Choosing one of the subjects listed below, you are challenged to visually communicate its idea and a set of data about it as an A2 poster (landscape or portrait format)’ was our second task given. With this task I have been interested in a couple of the choices. How many documented meteor impacts have there been? Who lives the longest?, and how does the hydrologic cycle (also called the water cycle) work? These questions I feel have the most potential for being topic that I can become absorbed and interested in. I will be researching all these topic and looking an existing posters already out there. In this task we will also be asked to perform a critique in front of a group of people to present our poster and the ideas behind it. When I start this task I will need to make sure I don’t spend too much time on the collecting of data, as the marks aren’t based on that but the poster and the critique but the information has to be believable.

Both these tasks should be submitted by the 12th January 2015.

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