After Effects: Animation and Effects

Using after effects i was able to create two very cool GIF’s shown below. For the first one i used a still image and created a moving image which looked like snow was coming down in. To start with i just had a simple image which didn’t have any snowing falling down. I started by adding a camera layer that would allow me to create s movement that looks like it’s a clip. First making the layer 3D would allow me to zoom in on the image so it looked like it was moving forwards. I also added an arc movement into it, to look like it was panning. The snow was created by using particle setting and editing the setting to create the effect below.Winter_Abbie_1

This one was created by first going on photo and creating the two circle repeated images in the middle. This was done by creating one of the lines in the circle, then repeating the pattern around in a circle. I then imported both the images in the middle and added an animation of the rotating those different directions. I carried on using partial effects to add the triangles, circles and squares that are in the background.


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