Coding: Div Class

Coding can be a long process if you don’t learn some shortcut and simpler ways of creating pages. One example of this is to create ‘Div class’ which are basically themes that you can give to multiple sections. For example in this section of code you can see that I gave a class for the container, header, the information boxes, the information boxes when hovered over, images and the body. The positives of this is the fact that you can set multiple objects and sections of a page with the same class without having to much extra code. You will also be able to quickly change a setting on the style sheet that will change all the section of code that have been linked to the class. The advances are that you will only need to edit one part of the code instead of multiple, but this does mean that if you want to change just one part of the website, which is linked to the class, you will have to instead create a new class of its own. All this code is stored on the style sheet.Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 14.36.11

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