Task 3: Animation

Using my DSLR camera and movie maker, i was able to create a short stop motion animation. After taking around 50-60 photos of the bear i was able to place them all in movie maker and play them back at around 0.2 seconds an image. The whole process of animating the images i found pretty easy, it was the part where i had to position the bear in certain places and having to stick it down to be able to capture the image, like when it was climbing down the wall, was the most challenging. I also had a problem with keeping the camera still which has resulted in the light changing and also the background moving around. Apart from that i thought the end product was of a reasonable standard. Here is a link to my video which is posted on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNir8AXNq9k&feature=youtu.be


I also did a smaller gif animation using a similar technique. but instead you draw each frame. I simply used a strip of paper and draw the character moving over time, i then used the site ‘gifmaker’ to upload the images and download as a gif. This way of animation is a more updated version of the Zoetrope.

Animation Rotated

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