Task 2: Temporal Expression

For task two we were asked to create a capture images that link into temporal expression. Using my DSLR camera I was able to capture image that show an action happing in a single image. I looked at long and short exposer images, and also an artist that links into these, like David Hockney.

My first image that I captured was of my friend blowing petals into the camera. This image is a frozen motion image as its capturing a moving action and keeping the movement frozen and focused. Though I would have liked this image to be more focused I was happy with the final outcome. This photo was achieved by using a fast shutter speed, which meant the image was taken quickly capturing the petals. I found this way of taking images difficult, as it involved a lot of trial and error to get the timing perfect.


The second image that I got was using the opposite technique as the first image, but using a slow shutter speed, to form an image that had movement and motion blur. To create this image you need to make sure the thing that you are focusing on, in this instance the background, stays completely still. This is because if you move slightly the background will also be blurry as you have go the shutter open for a long time meaning that the image is being taken for longer. This is also how the blur on the roundabout is formed. I was going to do this image differently, by also being on the round about and focusing on the figure, but after many attempts with figured it wasn’t going to work because it was to difficult to keep the camera still as you are spinning around as you can see.SONY DSC


This image was an easy and quick image that I did to test out an app called ‘Twist’. This app allowed you to take more unless a side way panorama shot that started taking the image form the top and worked downward. As the figure turned the camera would take the images leading to a strange image like this.

Split Scan

My final image is my interpretation of David Hockney’s work. I used m camera to take multiple images in a similar way as him, from different angles and with different lighting as the time went on. I also did some zoomed in and zoomed out photos which lead to some parts being more in focus then others. I then used Photoshop to put all the layers together, by cropping and scaling each image down and placing them in the correct position so you could still see and recognise what the image is.


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