Coding: HTML

Using the program that allows you to write code for HTML, I created a basic site just to figure out some types of code structures and what they do. I started by just simply learning how to start a website page. I was actually able to use a template which helps when designing a page as it starts you off with the basic bits of code like the head and body sections. I then had to separate my website into columns, which ever number you choice to be the width of the columns they all have to add up to 12, so I choose for 3 columns of 4. Some other things that I placed in the body of my code was an image that I coded to expand and shrink with the size of the webpage, using the code ‘<img class=”img responsive”>’. Using a similar code I was able to make the shape oval. Adding text was rather simple, by just placing the block of text in the correct column, you just had to make sure you where placing it in the right place. The final thing was adding the item that I created in processor. Being able to copy and paste the section of code that I added from the processor code into the HTML code and changing it into JavaScript, and then placing the format section of the code into the body section of code, this would tell it where to position it, made it a lot easier.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 16.28.46

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