Task 2: Research

To do my task I first wanted to research a bit on all the things that I will be doing for my task to get some inspiration and idea on how to do all the images. For the motion blur images I had a rough idea on what I wanted to do, so I carried on exploring the ideas of roundabout and motion blur. I found images though of a children play area round about, which I though was a more unusual one then a normal round about, I carried on researching though for more inspiration. I carried on looking at motion blur and the use of lights, I will hope to maybe combine these together in my images, Motion blur is created by using a low shutter speed so that the shutter is open for longer and takes the longer for longer allowing the blur where there is movement.

Light Motion BlurMotion blur

The next set of images I wanted to research was on frozen motion. Frozen motion is basically capturing a moving moment in a complete focused still. I didn’t have many ideas for this one, though I knew what it was, I wasn’t sure how to create the images. I found out that I had to do a similar thing to the motion blur but with a high shutter speed, which meant that the shitter wasn’t open for long which meant the phot was taken quickly allowing movement to be focused. I found some ideas on frozen motion, for instance someone running are something being blown.

Blown Dropping

David Hockney was an artist born on the 9th July 1937, in Bradford, England. He has become a very famous artist as his work is not you normal stand art work, and he does more creative individual pieces. Some of his most famous work, and work that I will be replicate is his joiner images. These images involve using many different images capturing the same things, from different angles and directions. He says that these images showed how human vision works, and allowed the viewer to see and image over time and not just a still one the spot image.

Joiner Image 1 Joiner Image 2

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