Net Netutrality

Net Neutrality is a rights law that controls the power over communication online to keep it far and equal. This means that over the internet there is no discrimination and keeps free speech online. All internet service providers must obey to this rule and aren’t allowed and forms of blocking over any networks. Examples of this for instance is the fact that a serves providers would allow you to view Netflix but can show videos on YouTube. Recently in March 2014 Netflix started to pays fees to Comcast to allow them faster network speed allowing users to access Netflix faster then other video sites. This was an issue because companies were seeing this act as a way of breaking this law. Though it wasn’t as some laws were removed some which would allow for ISP charging for data services. Now, from February 2015, new laws have been put forwards to tighten on Net Neutrality again.

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Problem with password

One of the problems that we found was causing the whole log in to work, and took hours to figure out was the fact that when we redid the table, we set the word limit to 0 on the password. This error meant that no password could be posted to the database meaning that the whole log in wouldn’t work. This was so simple to fix, by just changing the length to 15.

Image upload problems

We used a web file directory in our code which would allow use to store all images that were uploaded to the website. This means that we would add extra code that would keep the images layout in the time that there were uploaded, so most recent is at the top. This work perfectly fine but for some reason we got an error message that said that the time zone was incorrect and not reliable so thy used another one. We changed the code to what they said it should be yet it still didn’t work. After a long time googling the problem, we thought that, as it still works we could just hide the error instead, which we didn’t want to do but was last resort.


Templates for images

Because of time and the changeover to Dakar, we didn’t have time to do as much as we want to the layout and formatting of the website. Some of the things that we wanted to do was to be able to like and comment on images, when on hover over have the image enlarger, and have them post in a table layout. All these jobs were things we were going to do last but this time was taken to just try and sort it out to the basics so it works which is a very unfortunate thing, as I think I would have been very proud of our website if we had just a little more time.


Changing to Dakar

Once we finished the whole code and ever worked perfectly, we checked to see if we could host our website on our own server, Olly’s server, which we ten found out we couldn’t do. This was massive problem for us as we found this out today, the day before hand in, and nothing seems to work on it. This means that the database doesn’t work, image upload doesn’t work and the format of the page is completely wrong. We had many struggles with this and this problem took nearly 12 hours to fix but thankfully we got it to work on the Dakar server. This did means though we had to create a whole new database on MySQL and that the website layout has some problems, like the fact the logo won’t show up, and the video is no longer In a perfect loop, all things that worked on Olly’s. Though it’s not perfect I think we didn’t a good job changing over the servers and it to still be working.

Connection to database

Using phpMyAdmin we were able to create a database that would hold the information for all the log in details and when someone registered to our site, there would be entered into the table as a new member. This table included an ID, which would generate an ordered numbers which would be always be different from the rest, Username and two passwords. These details meant that when people go in, they can use the username and password that they set to login. Having to password also made sure that misspelt passwords weren’t entered as you can see the password being entered when typing, to keep the password

Abigail Grant, BU Digital Media Design